Construction site workers in Victoria, BC before post construction cleaning service

Post Construction Cleaning Services in Victoria, BC

Post Construction Cleaning Services in Victoria, BC

Post Construction Cleaning

Construction sites can be a mess after the contractors are finished. Swept Space is here to put the finishing touches on your construction project. Our team members are available 24/7 to clear your construction site for viewing right away! Whether you are a contractor building an entire apartment complex that requires cleaning as it finishes up or you just renovated a room in your home Swept Space has the capacity to cover all your post-construction cleaning needs. Swept Space currently does work with Restoration companies as well to aid them in post construction cleaning process of their jobs.

This partnership has allowed our restoration clients to focus more on the construction of job sites and less on the small details after the work is done.

Quotes will be provided and approved before work begins.

Our Post Construction Cleaning Services

Rough Cleaning Services

This initial phase of cleaning is done after the construction work has ended and major installations are in place but before the fine detailing work begins. It includes:

  • Removal of debris, dust, and trash from the construction site.
  • Sweeping and prepping floor underlayment for carpet, tile, or hardwood.
  • Washing windows to remove dust, paint, and plaster.
  • Cleaning walls (removing dust, dirt, smudges, and scuffs).

Final Cleaning Services

This phase is more detailed and ensures the property is ready for inspection or handover. It includes:

  • Detailed dusting of surfaces, including fixtures and fittings.
  • Deep cleaning and polishing of floors, tiles, and windows.
  • Thorough cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms, including fixtures and appliances.
  • Cleaning of vents and ceiling fans.
  • Interior glass, mirrors, and window cleaning to remove smudges and fingerprints.
  • Carpet cleaning, including vacuuming and steam cleaning if necessary.

Touch-Up Cleaning Services

A few days after the final cleaning, once the dust has settled and any final touches have been completed, a touch-up clean might be necessary. This service includes:

  • Dusting surfaces and fixtures.
  • Mopping floors.
  • Cleaning common touch points like door handles and light switches.
  • Final inspection cleaning to ensure the space is pristine.

Specialty Services

Depending on the needs of the contractors and businesses, we may also offer specialized cleaning services such as:

  • Exterior Cleaning: Power washing of exterior surfaces, sidewalks, and parking lots.
  • Hazardous Material Cleanup: Safe disposal of construction waste that may contain hazardous materials.
  • Window Cleaning: High-rise window cleaning for multi-story buildings.
  • Floor Finishing: Sealing, waxing, and buffing of floors to protect them and enhance their appearance.

Customized Cleaning Plans

Understanding that each construction project is unique, we offer customized cleaning plans based on the specific needs and timelines of our clients. This ensures that all areas of the construction site are addressed efficiently and effectively, with minimal disruption to the ongoing operations.

Construction Clean Up Safety & Compliance

Safety is our top priority and we are trained in safe cleaning practices, including the handling and disposal of construction waste and the use of cleaning chemicals. We comply with all local regulations and standards to ensure a safe environment during and after the cleaning process.

By providing these comprehensive Victoria, BC construction clean up services, we aim to ensure that contractors and businesses can transition smoothly from construction completion to occupancy, with spaces that are clean, safe, and welcoming. If you're in need of construction site clean up in Victoria, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're also ready to provide a post construction clean up quote tailored to your project's specific needs.

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