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Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Services for Businesses in Victoria, BC

Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Services for Businesses in Victoria, BC

Floor Maintenance

As a leading floor maintenance company in the Victoria, BC area we utilize three different types of equipment: Auto-Scrubber, Floor Buffer/Swing Machine, and a High Speed Burnisher. Each of these machines is designed for specific tasks, with the Auto-Scrubber ideal for deep cleaning, the Floor Buffer/Swing Machine perfect for smoothing out scratches and preparing the floor for finishing, and the High Speed Burnisher used to give floors a glossy, polished look. These machines have different scrubbing speeds and uses, allowing us to effectively clean clean and maintain a variety of floor types to meet our clients' needs. 


Auto-scrubbers are used for deep floor cleaning, they are equipped with a scrubbing pad that automatically scrubs the floor as well as a wet vacuum to quickly dry the floors all in a single pass. These machines are highly efficient, making them ideal for cleaning large areas such as shopping centers, schools, and hospitals. The combination of scrubbing and drying in one step not only saves time but also reduces the risk of slip-and-fall accidents due to wet floors. Auto-scrubbers come in various sizes, from compact models for tight spaces to ride-on versions for vast expanses, ensuring there's a suitable option for every cleaning need.

The use of auto-scrubbers significantly reduces the amount of labor required for floor cleaning services. With their advanced technology, these machines can cover more ground in less time compared to traditional mopping. This not only leads to cleaner floors but also allows cleaning staff to focus on other tasks, improving overall productivity. The scrubbing pads can be changed to suit different floor types, from tile and linoleum to concrete, making auto-scrubbers a versatile tool in maintaining floor cleanliness and appearance.

Floor Buffers

Floor Buffers are similar to an Auto Scrubber without the vacuum and recovery tank, these are used to get into tighter places and as well to strip waxed flooring. They are essential tools for maintaining the shine and appearance of floors. By using a rotating pad, floor buffers remove dirt, scuffs, and scratches, leaving floors looking polished and well-maintained. These machines are particularly useful in buildings with high foot traffic where floors can quickly lose their luster. Floor buffers are available in various sizes, making them suitable for both small and large spaces.

Floor buffers are designed to be user-friendly, with adjustable handles and controls that make them easy to operate. This ease of use allows for efficient commercial floor maintenance. The variety of pads and brushes means that floor buffers can be adapted to different types of flooring, such as hardwood, marble, or vinyl, providing a versatile solution for floor maintenance. Regular use of a floor buffer can extend the life of flooring by removing debris that can cause wear and tear over time.


Burnishers are a high speed machine that are used to burnish or refinish a waxed floor to bring back the brand-new look floors have after a fresh wax job. These machines operate at a higher speed than traditional buffers, creating a glossy, wet-look finish that is highly sought after in commercial and retail settings. The speed of the burnisher generates heat that melts and levels the wax, resulting in a smooth, reflective surface. This process not only enhances the appearance of the floor but also provides a protective layer that can withstand heavy foot traffic and resist staining.

The use of burnishers is an important step in floor maintenance, especially in areas where a high standard of cleanliness and presentation is required. They are commonly used in hotels, office buildings, and schools to maintain a professional and welcoming environment. Burnishers are available in various models, including walk-behind and ride-on, to accommodate different facility sizes and cleaning needs. With proper use, burnishers can significantly improve the durability and aesthetics of waxed floors, making them a valuable tool in any comprehensive floor care program.

With our floor machines, we are able to maintain the look and cleanliness of your floor to keep your employees and clients healthy and happy. Swept Space will come equipped with precise measurement tools to your site to ensure you are only being charged for exact square footage. 

For more information or to get a quote for your floor maintenance needs, please visit our contact page or call us at 250-412-3522. Let Swept Space take care of your floors, so you can focus on what matters most in your business.

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