Floor Maintenance

person mopping the floor of an office

Our floor maintenance service utilizes three different types of equipment: Auto-Scrubber, Floor Buffer/Swing Machine, and a High Speed Burnisher. These machines have different scrubbing speeds and uses. Auto-scrubbers are used for deep floor cleaning, they are equipped with a scrubbing pad that automatically scrubs the floor as well as a wet vacuum to quickly dry the floors all in a single pass. Floor Buffers are similar to an Auto Scrubber without the vacuum and recovery tank, these are used to get into tighter places and as well to strip waxed flooring. Burnishers are a high speed machine that are used to burnish or refinish a waxed floor to bring back the brand new look floors have after a fresh wax job. With our floor machines we are able to maintain the look and cleanliness of your floor to keep your employees and clients healthy and happy.

Swept Space Supervisors will come equipped with precise measurement tools to your site to ensure you are only being charged for exact square footage. Reach out to us today for a quote on your floors!

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