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Commercial & Office Cleaning Rates in Victoria

Commercial & Office Cleaning Rates in Victoria

We know how important it is to have a clean and professional-looking business space. That's why our commercial and office cleaning services are made just for businesses in Victoria, BC, and the surrounding areas. We're recognized for our thorough work and commitment to great service.

If a messy or dirty workspace is getting in the way of your business, contact us for cleaning service quotes in Victoria, BC and deep cleaning rates, or to learn more about our services. Our team is ready to help you keep your business space clean and professional, showing off the quality of your business.

Commercial Space

The cost for commercial cleaning depends on the size of your office and how much cleaning is needed. We offer an onsite evaluation by one of our team members to figure out what's required. After that, we'll give you a detailed quote. If you have any questions about commercial cleaning pricing in Victoria, BC, please feel free to reach out to Swept Space. We're eager to help you out. 

Post-construction Clean Up

The cost of our post-construction cleaning service depends on the size and state of the area. We do onsite checks and give you a detailed quote for you to look over and approve before we start any work. Feel free to contact us to set up a walkthrough and get a quote that fits your exact needs. We value being open with our clients and make sure you have all the information and are happy with our services before proceeding. 

Floor Maintenance

We charge for our floor maintenance service by the square foot. Using high-tech floor machines, we can keep your floors looking good and in great shape for a longer time. This method helps your floors stay attractive for more time and cuts down on how often they need to be maintained, saving you money and keeping quality high. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information or to set up a meeting to talk about your floor maintenance requirements. 

We Keep Your Space Clean!

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