Dental Offices & Health Care Clinics


Swept Space Specializes in cleaning Health and Dental Offices. Our staff is professionally trained to ensure your space is cleaned properly for your patients and staff. Having worked in the Greater Victoria area we know how hard it is to find a reliable cleaner with the high standard of cleaning required for medical spaces. Our well trained team of professional cleaners ensures that your space is consistently cleaned to a high standard.


For Dental Offices and Health Clinics - From the start we make sure to do a very thorough walk through with you to get a clear understanding of what your needs are. From there a checklist is created to ensure we are all on the same page. On day one you will see your personal cleaner come in with all the necessary equipment for the job. Specialty equipment will be provided by us if necessary for your job.


Our team supervisor's Matt and Kamal who used to work at Victoria General Hospital as head of their sanitation department, has personally trained all of our staff in the proper procedures and precautions to ensure you space is cleaned to the high standards expected of a medical facility. They also perform weekly Site Audits and Training Audits of each josite to ensure quality stays consistent for all of our clients. 

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